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impure wilhelmina
Impure Wilhelmina
Impure Wilhelmina were formed around 1995 by Michael Schindl (vocals/guitar), David Schindl (drums), Thierry Baertschiger (guitar) and Didier Baertschiger (bass). They made themselves known in their area firstly with a 7’’ (1997), a MCD (1998) and a first album, “Afraid” (1999).

In 2000, Didier left the band and was replaced by Mathias Perrin. They then started touring France, and recorded a split EP with Ordeal (including 2 tracks per band). Released in 2001 by Division Records, this was the first time Impure Wilhelmina worked with Serge Morattel (Knut, Brazen, Shora…), and it also marked a change of style, becoming more raw, but also more melodic.

Between the years of 2001-2002, the band, who already had a good stage experience and stable line-up, began writing material for a new album. The recording took place during September 2002 at Serge Morattel’s REC Studio. Titled “I Can't Believe I Was Born In July”, it convinced the french label Waiting For An Angel, to release it as a co-production with their friends from Space Patrol Records.

The album was released in April 2003, and was immediately well received, particularly in France. Two tours (June 2003 and January 2004) helped the band gain a better reputation as a live act.

During Summer 2004, the band worked on new songs for their next album, titled “L'Amour, La Mort, L'Enfance Perdue”. The recording took place in November 2004, once again with Serge Morattel. At that time the band knew they were going to lose two of their members, David and Thierry. Michael and Mathias however decided to continue the project and recruited Mario Togni (ex-Meridian) on drums and Alexandre Müller (ex-Swoan) on guitar.

“L'Amour, La Mort, L'Enfance Perdue” was released in Spring 2005, by Space Patrol Records. The new line-up then began promoting the album by playing a number of shows in Switzerland, France and Belgium (this comprising a tour with Knut, and shows with Gojira, Ephel Duath, The Ocean).

At the same time, Impure Wilhelmina were working on new material. The beginning of 2007 saw the departure of Alexandre, who wished to focus on his other musical projects (Equus being one of them...) and the band quickly enlisted Christian Valleise (ex-Prejudice, Macadam Pale Horses, now a member of Knut), who brings a style of guitar playing matching very well with Michael’s, who writes most of the band material.

They recorded a demo in Summer 2007, and then played a bunch of shows, testing their new songs. This recording took place at REC Studio from December 2007 to February 2008. The result is the album titled “Prayers And Arsons”, which navigates from metal, to hardcore and doom, orchestrated almost strangely by a melodic pop sensitiveness.

Early 2009, Division Records released the vinyl version of “Prayers And Arsons”.

Michael Schindl: Guitar & Vocals
Chritian Valleise: Guitar
Mathias Perrin: Bass
Mario Togni: Drums

2009 “L'Amour, La Mort, L'Enfance Perdue” DL [Get A Life!]
2009 “I Can't Believe I Was Born In July” DL [Get A Life!]
2009 “Afraid” DL [Get A Life!]
2009 “Prayers And Arsons” LP [Division]
2008 “Prayers And Arsons” CD/DL [Get A Life!]
2007 “Afraid” CD (Limited Edition) [DIY]
2005 “L'Amour, La Mort, L'Enfance Perdue” 2xLP
[Cetacean/D’Ici A La Réalité]
2005 “L'Amour, La Mort, L'Enfance Perdue” CD [Space Patrol]
2003 “I Can't Believe I Was Born In July” CD
[Waiting For An Angel/Space Patrol]
2001 “442 Split” w/ Ordeal CDEP [Division]
1999 “Afraid” CD [DIY]
1998 “Undressing Your Soul” MCD [DIY]
1996 “S/t” 7” [PTR]
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Impure WilhelminaL'Amour, La Mort, L'Enfance Perdue CD
Impure WilhelminaI Can't Believe I Was Born In July CD
Impure WilhelminaAfraid CD

Impure WilhelminaL’Amour, La Mort, L’Enfance Perdue DL
Impure WilhelminaI Can’t Believe I Was Born In July DL
Impure WilhelminaAfraid DL

Impure WilhelminaPrayers And Arsons CD/DL
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