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Berserk For Tea Time
Ink... And Paper CD
category: Music-CD
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1. Intro
2. A Fresh Tear Of Innocence
3. Mr. Liar
4. A Living Puzzle
5. Ink...
6. ... And Paper
7. Interlude
8. Wrecked
9. Who Are The Freaks ?
10. Serotonin Addiction
11. Spark
12. Outro

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio La Fonderie by Sacha Ruffieux (co-producer). Cello at the end of "Spark" by Camille Burgy. Piano on the "Outro" by Laure Perret. Performances by Sacha on "A Fresh Tear Of Innocence", "Mr. Liar", "... And Paper" and "Wrecked".

Artwork by Baptiste Cochard, Atelier Détour.
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