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Years Of Nowhere CD/DL
category: Music-CD
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CHF 10.00
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1. Love Process Failure
2. Mouth Full Of Shit Cannot Bite
3. A Light Scent Of Wreck
4. Secrets
5. The Frameless Stage
6. Grindcore Deluxe
7. Merge
8. Orchidian
9. Kal-El
10. Nice And Easy
11. Dark Bliss
12. Good Average
13. Death By Silent Tyrants

Produced by Yog. Recorded November 2006 at Studio Mécanique La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland, engineered by Julien Fehlmann. Assistant engineer Julien Dick. Vocals recorded December 2006 by Zen at Zen Records. Mixed January 2007 by Julien Fehlmann. Mastered May 2007 at West West Side Music, New York by Jesse Baccus. Artwork by Baptiste Cochard at Atelier Détour.
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