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Cancel The Apocalypse
Our Own Democracy
category: Music-CD
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CANCEL THE APOCALYPSE is the reunion of Toulouse metal/hardcore musicians and Bordeaux classical musicians. Only daring and extremist minds would have thought of such an ensemble.
With Matthieu Miegeville’s vocals (MY OWN PRIVATE ALASKA, PSYKUP, THE BLACK PAINTERS), Jérémy Cazorla on drums (SHAKE US) for the studio recordings and Hélios Mickael (MEREDITH HUNER) for live performance on one side playing against the totally unexpected classical guitar of Arnaud Barat and cello of Audrey Paquet (TRIO MILONGA, QUATUOR EVEIL) on the other.
This improbable union creates a burning and baffling magma where the combination of a hardline atmosphere and tortured voices answer rich and pleasurable baroque melodies in equal measure. A sound never heard before, earth shattering songs that realign the very cells of your brain.
As Lacan said, the best thing that can happen to man is chaos. CANCEL THE APOCALYPSE is the original sound track of this post chaos society, where humans survived with their dreams of democracy... and the scars to prove it.
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